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Palo Alto Networks Expands Technology Partner Program with New Data Center Infrastructure and Mobility Partners
Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 03:48:17 PM

Palo Alto Networks

SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 22, 2012 – Palo Alto Networks™, the network security company, has announced new partnerships within its Technology Partner Program – a program committed to arming mutual customers with integrated solutions that fundamentally improve network security and risk management for enterprises. These new partnerships further represent this customer commitment, especially for organizations looking to use next-generation firewalls as the core to their data center security architectures and their solution to safely enabling application usage on mobile platforms.

"Business critical data and corporate assets are increasingly being stored at the data center and accessed by a highly mobile workforce," said Punit Minocha, vice president of business and corporate development at Palo Alto Networks. "As such, it is crucial that our customers benefit the most from their network security investments for the entire infrastructure – from deep within the data center to smartphones and tablets at use in the distributed enterprise."

Data Center Infrastructure Security

In the past, most organizations had to make tradeoffs in securing their data centers, such as trading lower levels of security and visibility to optimize network bandwidth and throughput. The following data center infrastructure partners do away with these trade-offs, enabling enterprise-class throughput with the additional network visibility and control enabled by next-generation firewall technology:

  • Avaya
  • Brocade

Mobile Workforce Security

The increasing sophistication of enterprise mobile devices means that application visibility, awareness and control need to be extended to an organization's mobile workers, wherever they are. Palo Alto Networks has added new mobile device management partners to ensure that next-generation network security follows enterprise data wherever it goes. These partners include:

  • MobileIron
  • Zenprise

In addition, the company also expands its technology scope with partnerships from leading vendors in network security management, security incident and event management (SIEM), network access and NetFlow analytics. These partners include:

  • AlgoSec
  • Network Critical
  • LogRhythm
  • Plixer International

Partner Quotes

AlgoSec: "AlgoSec has chosen Palo Alto Networks to partner with in the battle to safeguard enterprise networks," said Nimmy Reichenberg, vice president of marketing and business development at AlgoSec. "Together they deliver a network security management solution that offers enterprises greater visibility and control of their next-generation firewall infrastructure through automated policy management that increases operational efficiency, ensures compliance and reduces risk."

Avaya: "The combination of Avaya's Ethernet Routing Switch and Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls provides both high-availability and application-aware network security for the modern data center. By utilizing Avaya's Switch Clustering and the Virtual Services Fabric powered by Shortest Path Bridging, data centers can take advantage of high-availability technologies to drastically mitigate or eliminate downtime due to loss of network links, upstream paths or even migrations to a backup site."

Brocade: "The addition of next-generation firewalls to Brocade's foundational fabric-based data center networking solutions, such as those built using Brocade VDX switches, provides customers with a new level of visibility into traffic in and out of the data center, regardless of application or protocol type," said Doug Ingraham, vice president of Alliances at Brocade. "This simplifies and consolidates security management for companies that are already fortifying their data center networkswith Brocade's Ethernet fabric solutions."

LogRhythm: "We look for innovators and industry leaders with which to collaborate and have found an ideal partner in Palo Alto Networks," said Matt Winter, vice president of corporate & business development at LogRhythm. "Together, our technologies provide enterprises with cyber threat defense, detection and response capabilities through advanced correlation, pattern recognition and automated remediation -- enabling our mutual customers to actively prevent advanced threats."

MobileIron: "The granular security provided by combining MobileIron's Virtual Smartphone Platform with next-generation firewall technology further simplifies IT's ability to provide role-based application management and enforcement, across company-owned and BYOD iOS devices," said Ojas Rege, vice president of product, MobileIron. "This partnership enables automated VPN provisioning to help ensure a safe connection regardless of the network the device is connected to, helping enterprises maintain control of their data while streamlining IT processes."

NetworkCritical: "Network Critical and Palo Alto Networks are both dedicated to enabling their customers to stay focused on business operations, and not on the task of network administration. The two companies' combined efforts allow system administrators to reliably and securely keep network traffic flowing when an in-line appliance fails and maintain live network continuity, keeping businesses both protected and productive."

Plixer International: "Plixer International's Netflow analytics solution, Scrutinizer™, provides unparalleled detail into who and what is consuming your network traffic. With the explosion of web based business applications and handhelds: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the challenge to optimize the network performance and minimize security threats continues to be a great concern. Scrutinizer's advanced NetFlow reporting and Flow Analytics™ arm network professionals with the tools to keep the network safe while continually archiving 100% of the Netflow traffic," said Marc Bilodeau, chief technical officer and founder, Plixer International. "We are very pleased to join Palo Alto Network's Partner program. Palo Alto Networks's next-generation firewalls provide granular policy control of applications and content, unlike traditional firewalls that classify traffic based only on ports and protocols. This control and granularity extends down to the user level and is an important component of proactively managing today's networks."

Zenprise: "In this era of BYOD, IT departments want to allow employees to use their device of choice without compromising security or compliance requirements. Zenprise offers enterprises a secure mobile device management solution that provides end-to-end protection," said Ahmed Datoo, chief marketing officer, Zenprise. "We're excited to team with Palo Alto Networks and believe that their application-aware next-generation firewall technology allows our customers to further extend application control to mobile devices. "

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