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Italian Manufacture Forgital Improves Security and Operations Worldwide with Palo Alto Networks
Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 02:51:06 PM

The Palo Alto Networks security platform safely enables applications for Forgital’s global workforce.

Milan, Italy -- July 18, 2013 -- Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the network security company™, today announced its next-generation firewall has been selected by Forgital Group, a company specializing in the manufacture of forged and laminated rolled rings, for improved infrastructure security and application connectivity.

“With Palo Alto Networks, we achieved a high level of security, and if I want the firewall to block certain threats, I know it will be done. Now I have much more confidence in our infrastructure,” says Martino Leon, CIO of Forgital Group. “The value added of Palo Alto Networks is that now, unlike in the past, we can establish the connectivity and security policies, based on user, content and application variables. This has very much improved security, data packet distribution and related management operations.”

The rapid growth of Forgital throughout Europe required an expansion of their IT investment that could keep up with the development of the group. Forgital’s initial needs consisted in the distribution of a centralized service, providing software to manage all phases of production for the branch offices as well as bringing uniformity to the systems of connectivity, the VPN and the dedicated lines. Today, the company has a data center with redundant storage and an off-site disaster recovery facility that meets the highest security standards and uses a proprietary management system, NILO. Now, the data traffic managed by NILO runs over VPNs, which is crucial for the management of the Internet connection by the firewalls.

Within this scenario, the Palo Alto Networks PA-2020, PA-500 and PA-200 firewall platforms were selected as the most appropriate and were installed at Forgital’s Italian headquarters, two French branch offices and the Italian sub office in RTM Breda. The new Palo Alto Networks platform has given Forgital an aggregated and standardized system within a single solution, while bringing the entire infrastructure under greater control, safely enabling the use of applications in the enterprise and in the cloud.

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