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Palo Alto Networks is First to Achieve Highly Regarded Defense Sector Certification in France
Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 03:50:03 PM

Palo Alto Networks

ANSSI Certification Underscores the Differentiation of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.

Santa Clara, CA -- January 21, 2014 -- Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced it has achieved a top-level certification from the Agence Nationale de la Securite des Systemes d'Information (ANSSI) that is highly regarded by the defense sector in France.  The Palo Alto Networks platform is the first to be certified by the ANSSI on next-generation firewall criteria.

To achieve the certification, the Palo Alto Networks platform was subjected to numerous tests and scenarios by the Centre d'Evaluation de la Securite des Technologies de l'Information (CESTI) and information technology security consultants  at AMOSSYS - organizations approved by the ANSSI to conduct these top-level security assessments.  Upon completion of this testing, the agency certified the Palo Alto Networks platform and its technological differentiations, including protections based on what matter most in today's dynamic networks: applications (App-ID), users (User-ID), and content (Content-ID).


  • "This certification, by an independent organization, is a strong stand-out factor in the selection process of IT solution in France. It is not only a regulatory compliance for security standards, but also an acknowledgement of the quality of these products. We at Steria are using the Palo Alto Networks security platform in order to secure our network. Thus, we are proposing to our clients a services offer as per the Palo Alto Networks products implementation, and the ANSSI's CSPN certification is a  beneficial asset that will boosts credibility in the cybersecurity."

- Frederic Sangiorgio, Global Network Services program director at Steria, a leading IT services company in France

  • "Cybersecurity is part of the French State's key priorities for 2014 and the coming years. In France, we are already working closely with several ministries and top-level players from the defence sector. With this certification, we can take these efforts further, as we'll be able to play an active role in the national effort to secure cyberspace, the public/private defense ecosystem and France's most critical information networks and systems.”

- Rene Bonvanie, chief marketing officer at Palo Alto Networks

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