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Palo Alto Networks Receives Superior Security Score In NSS Next-generation IPS Test
Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 02:55:57 PM

Palo Alto Networks

Proves Unsurpassed Efficacy of the Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform

Santa Clara, Calif., April 20, 2015 - Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW), the leader in enterprise security, today announced its enterprise security platform has received a superior security score in the NSS Labs 2015 Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) test.

The test includes a mixture of both real-world and lab-based evaluations and helps organizations assess how a security offering performs in the face of multiple exploits and evasion techniques. The Palo Alto Networks platform achieved the highest security efficacy ratings of any other offering tested when exposed to live (real-time) drive-by exploits. Detailed test results include:

  • 100% block rate for all live (real-time) web-based exploits being used by Threat Actors in active campaigns during the course of the test. These exploits target vulnerable client applications and then silently download and install malware, and are also known as drive-by exploits
  • 100% effectiveness rating for all evasions techniques tested
  • 98.8% overall block rate, including both exploits from NSS' extensive library of attacker and target-initiated exploits, as well as live web-based exploits being used by Threat Actors in active campaigns during the course of the test


"Exploits being used by Threat Actors in active campaigns are the most likely source of compromise that enterprises face every day. The Palo Alto Networks PA-5020 was the only product that blocked 100% of these live exploits during our test, and 98.8% against all exploits, earning a recommendation by NSS Labs for security effectiveness." - Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS Labs

"That's where Palo Alto Networks comes in. It's not just a security platform or an IPS, but provides malware prevention, extensive VPN capabilities, URL monitoring, App-ID, and visibility tied to User-ID so customers can see end user activity on the network, their apps and more. Some customers ask for things that put big performance burdens on typical security platforms, but Palo Alto Networks can deliver it all and still perform strongly." - Mark Goldenberg, Security Architect, CenturyLink

"Palo Alto Networks solved all of our security and network performance issues well beyond what we could have imagined or expected. We replaced more than 100 devices with just 42 Palo Alto Networks security platforms, and over three years are saving US $2.5 million previously spent on technicians, consultants, maintenance, training, and managing our formerly decentralized network." - Massimiliano Tesser, Group CIO, CAME Group

"Palo Alto Networks offers more benefits and features than any other security solution we evaluated. It can handle our traffic throughput without any impact on performance, offers easy management, and gives us visibility into risks. We get five products in one Palo Alto Networks device - Threat Prevention, URL filtering, SSL and VPN, and QoS, that can all be managed from a single interface by just one employee. We replaced all of our previous security devices with Palo Alto Networks." - Irfan Keskin, Systems Manager, Anadolu Agency

NSS Labs tested the Palo Alto Networks PA-5020, PAN-OS version 6.1.1, and Panorama with a fully-enabled Threat Prevention subscription on a 3-year term. In addition to passing all stability and reliability tests, the PA-5020 delivered 2.97 Gbps of inspected throughput - significantly higher than advertised 2.0 Gbps advertised throughput - when measured against a real-world mix of traffic.

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