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Palo Alto Networks GP-100 GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager

Palo Alto Networks GP-100 GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager

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GlobalProtect provides a unique, integrated mobile security solution to safely enable mobile devices for business use. It consists of three key components: GlobalProtect Gateway (available on the Palo Alto Networks next-generation network security platform), GlobalProtect Mobile Security Manager (available on the Palo Alto Networks GP-100), and GlobalProtect App (available for iOS and Android devices).

Mobile computing is one of the most disruptive forces in information technology. It is revolutionizing how and where employees work, and the tools that they use to perform their jobs. Mobile devices are not just ways to access existing applications such as corporate email, but the platform for opening up entirely new ways of doing business.

Organizations must take steps to manage the risks that mobile devices face. In order to fully realize all of mobility’s benefits and safely enable mobile devices, enterprises must:

Manage the Device

  • Ensure devices are safely enabled by configuring the device with proper securitysettings. Simplify deployment and setup by provisioning common configurations like account settings for email and credentials such as certificates.

Protect the Device

  • Protect the mobile device from exploits and malware. Protecting the devicealso plays an important role for protecting the data as well, because data is not safe on a compromised device.

Control the Data

  • Control access to data and control the movement of data between applications. Establish policies that define who can access sensitive applications, and the particular devices that can be used.